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OSBT Partner Program

OneSource Building Technologies is committed to providing top tier services world-wide.  We are always looking for top talent in your area. 


Interested in providing your business services to OneSource Building Technologies?  Read and learn more about the OSBT Partner Program.  Through this program we make an inventory of the skills and services your company provides and match them with our clients needs. Together,  we dispatch your technicians and engineers where they are needed to provide telecommunication and IT services globally.




Current Partners 

Are you an OSBT Technician or Vendor Partner? Click below to access the partner portal or to complete your required HSSE courses.

How to Become an OSBT Partner

Step 1

Complete the Partner Program Application below. 

Step 2

Next, one of our Partner Program Managers will contact you within 24-48 hours to gather more information.

Step 3

Once your Partner Profile is activated, our experienced Project Managers will connect you with work in your area.

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