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OneSource Building Technologies (OSBT) provides integrated, value-added solutions and services to large-scale national and international customers with a global service provider network, a single point of contact, accountability, consistent quality and on-time delivery. Our company is comprised of four lines-of-business:


  • Provisioning and maintenance services

  • Planning, scheduling and deployment for asset management, equipment installation and/or repair of voice and data networks, monitoring and outsourcing services

  • Delivering on-site services, call-center services, outsourcing services and workforce augmentation

  • Providing specialized technology and program management talent.


Our global Service Provider Alliance has engaged over 8,000 qualified technicians in more than 94 countries.  


OSBT’s corporate headquarters are located in Houston, Texas. The OSBT Call Center operates on a 24/7/365 schedule and is the main control center for all service work.


At OneSource we are driven to customer-focused solutions through collaboration and innovation. In order to provide our customers the leading solutions to meet their business needs, we must work closely with them. We must listen, observe, investigate and implement. Within OSBT, we work closely at all levels and foster an environment of teamwork and constant collaboration. We encourage creativity and innovative ideas, approaches and solutions. By taking these steps we are able to deliver a set of services and solutions that best meet the needs of our customers.

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