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Call Center Services

You Want Customer Loyalty While Maintaining Profit Margins

In today’s market, delivering customer and employee satisfaction is critical. In order to achieve customer security and loyalty, you have to deliver on your promises and provide an excellent customer service experience.

OSBT is the leader in Service Excellence

OSBT offers 24/7 help desk services that are tailored specifically to your company's needs. Our U.S. based call centers are designed to provide timely solutions to your employees or customers. We work with your employees and customers to resolve their issues efficiently in order to help you retain loyalty and drive profit margins.

Key Features of Call Center Support:

  • Answer questions
  • All calls guaranteed to be answered in less than one minute 24/7
  • Use broad product knowledge
  • Isolate problem
  • Troubleshoot with customer
  • Communicate with customer till call closure
  • Manage escalation

OSBT’s call center is customizable to suit your needs. We keep you informed with customized ticket tracking portal, emails and IM. Every staff member is highly trained in the services you offer your client. They are hand-picked for their ability to enhance customer service by delivering an excellent customer experience and possess the latest qualifications in:

  • Cisco
  • Microsoft
  • VoIP Telephony
  • Security
  • VPN
  • DSL/Cable/T1/DS/Fiber circuits
  • Wireless Connectivity

All our technicians are constantly required to keep up-to-date with protocols, standards and procedures through rigorous training and maintaining certifications.

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